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The future of shareholder meetings is virtual.

There are many benefits from a virtual AGM without compromising good corporate governance.

  • Convenience
  • Increased shareholder participation and engagement
  • Reduced carbon footprint related to travel and consumption 
  • Greater control over the proceedings
  • Significant cost savings
  • Being a technology savvy and dynamic corporate citizen

At Chorus Call, we have more than five decades of experience in international telecommunications and working with the world’s leading companies. We have combined our unrivaled experience with new software to bring you the ultimate virtual AGM.


  • Secure Registration 
  • Seamless Voting with instant and auditable results
  • Managed Q&A
  • Accurate and immediate Reporting and Data Exports
  • State of the art audio or video Webcast
  • Fully Managed and Moderated by Chorus Call’s highly skilled specialists 
  • Company Branded 

Chorus Call tailors the virtual AGM according to your needs. The future is today.