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Don’t wait for a call queue ever when using Diamond Pass

Send your customised Diamond Pass invitation link to your participants where they will be able to register for the conference by entering their full name, company, city and/or any other info you require.

Participants pre-register for your conference call online and receive a calendar invite with the call details, designated dial-in number, unique 5-digit access PIN and a link to your webcast (if applicable).

Registered participants dial into the conference on the numbers provided and enter a Passcode and PIN to be transferred directly to the call without having to speak to an operator.

Premium features for your large events


  • Participants submit their own information during pre-registration process via a secure website with your company logo, so there is no room for operator error.
  • Up to six fields of information, eg Name, Company, Email and others.
  • Participants enter your call without waiting.
  • You are provided a link that allows you to monitor the registration list in real-time.
  • This data proves to be exceedingly valuable for both pre-call planning and post-call follow up.